Light It Up Blue

This April 2nd, Autism Speaks U at TAMU held its first annual Light It Up Blue Carnival. Light It Up Blue is a campaign started by Autism Speaks to commemorate international World Autism Awareness Day, which is recognized by the United Nations. Many famous buildings and landmarks have been lit up blue in honor of this day. 

The carnival attracted a large crowd, with adults and children from all over the community coming to support the Light It Up Blue campaign and autism awareness. The room was decorated with blue lights, and there was free food sponsored by Domino's Pizza, carnival games, and live music from a member of Texas A&M's HardChord DynaMix Acappella, Justin DYLN Gilbert. 

Overall, the event was a huge success and ASU at TAMU is looking forward to hosting an even bigger and better Light It Up Blue event next April 2nd!