Coaches Powering Forward!

Today was the day of the Coaches Powering Forward basketball game, Texas A&M vs. Auburn. Coaches Powering Forward for Autism was established in 2014 by two NCAA coaches to raise autism awareness and support individuals living with autism. The game is autism-friendly; there was a quiet room where people with autism could watch the game without having to deal with all the noise!

Two of our officers, Emily and Angelle, were recognized as "Guest Coaches" before the game. During the game, we passed out free Autism Speaks mementos, including stickers, tattoos, and bracelets, as well as doing free face-painting. We also collected donations. This is our table.

Aggies won 81-62! After the game, we went down to the court to take pictures. We were able to get a picture with the Yell Leaders.